Long Island Volleyball League Rules

1) 6 players on each side with a minimum of 2 women. Teammates rotate and alternate their serve each time their team earns a sideout

2) A ball must be cleanly hit, not held, lifted, pushed or carried.  No open hand hits unless setting the ball.

3) Ball may not be contacted more than 3 times in an effort to return the ball.

4) Blocks don't count as a contact.

5) No spiking on the serve.

6) Teams switch sides at the end of each set (game).

7) No touching the net at any point during play.

8) Losing team serves first for next game.

9) Ball touching any part of the line is in. 

10) Tossed serves must be hit (if server does not hit the ball it is a fault.)

11) Substitutions allowed before ref whistles for serve 

12) Let serves (serves where the ball contacts the net) are allowed.

13) Games are played to 21, cap of 23 RALLY SCORING. Three games are played no matter who wins the first two with a five minute warm-up for both teams before start of match.

14) The League Directors will have the final decision on all matters.

15) If a team is not prepared to play at the start of their match they shall be penalized one loss for the first 10 minutes, another loss for the next five minutes. 

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